Obama the Antichrist

Are American Republican Christians trying to give the impression that Christianity is something akin to mental retardation?

Time magazine reports that McCain’s presidential campaign is attempting to discredit Obama by suggesting that he is the Biblical Antichrist. This is, of course, a ridiculous attempt at ‘arguing the man’ (i.e. slandering character) instead of actually addressing any of the facts. Such slander is antichristian too, by the way, if you observe in scripture how the tongue ought to be used, but this is not the disturbing part.

McCain’s campaign against Obama is childish and absurd (well done, Paris Hilton, for highlighting this), but this is expected from politicians who will exploit any angle to win power (yes, Christian American, that’s what McCain is doing — exploiting you. He’s trying to convince you that he is the ‘Christian’ vote, to make you feel guilty for considering voting for the Devil). What is disturbing is that Christians have taken the Antichrist slander seriously! A sizeable group of American actually believe that it is true! Even Hal Lindsey seems to think that his fantastic misinterpretations of scripture in the Left Behind series have now come true.

Could American Christians please start learning how to read and understand their Bibles and cultures for a change? If there are Republicans who have integrity and genuine faith, are you content to allow such blatant dishonesty, slander and manipulation to continue? It’s time you stand up and let us in the rest of the world know that Conservative Christianity in the States has not fallen heavily on its head one too many times. It’s embarrassing to keep having to make excuses for you.


One thought on “Obama the Antichrist

  1. eph210rd says:

    I would invite you to read my post”is Barrack Obama the anti-christ” The answer is no…But I would invite you to read the post.

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