Our Own Worst Enemies

Due to growing pressure, Christian evangelism has been banned along with all other kinds of religious discussion on a leading forum website. The site is called mybroadband.co.za, and it attracts some of the heaviest traffic of any local forum site, providing countless opportunities for gospel witness, but sadly now that has been shut down. And who is responsible for us suffering such a setback to the Great Commission and Christian freedom in general? You guessed it; Christians. That’s right, not the atheists, not people of other religions who are sick of being called to submit to Christ; Christians.

Mybroadband made the following announcement late on Thursday, 12 March:

Religious discussions to end


Hi folks

We have been running this section in Beta mode for some time, but we are getting many complaints of intolerance, blasphemy and the like. We have decided to close all religious discussions on the MyBroadband forums. Philosophical discussions will remain, but this will have to exclude religious/theological topics.

We can appreciate that not everyone will be happy with this decision, but we hope you understand our position on this.


RPM (http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?p=2621442#post2621442)

Now, of course, intolerance and blasphemy are unpleasant and probably uncalled for. Also, Christians had every right to complain. However, when you put that all on one side of the scale, and put the Great Commission on the other side of the scale, which do you think is the weightiest concern? Is the easily-offended Christian constitution more important that using every opportunity to be witnesses for the gospel? God forbid!

So, one more channel for free gospel proclamation and robust apologetics is closed, and we’re the ones who have closed it. It may prove to be inconsequential, but the precedent has been set (a principle that parents will no doubt have applied to squabbling children more than once): It is easier to forbid the interactions altogether than to have to administer the whining.

Mybroadband might be the ‘small step’ in the shutdown of free gospel opportunities, but it is certainly the start of the ‘giant leap’ in opposition to our Great Commission. And we are our own worst enemies.


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