Baby-talk About Trinity

My youngest is learning to string together short sentences at the moment, and it warms a parent’s heart when kids say cute or funny things because they lack the equipment to express themselves properly. I was feeding her a massive fillet of hake, which she kept referring to as ‘fish finger’. (Yes, I know that this could only possibly be of interest to me).

Now that is obviously not worth writing about as it stands, but I mention it because I was reminded of recent discussions about the doctrine of Trinity in which I’ve taken part. We seem to get ourselves into knots as soon as we get specific about what it means in practice. I wondered whether God finds it funny when we try to speak about Him but without the mental equipment to deal with the nature of His being, or without even the words to express whatever glimmers of understanding we might have? I hope He finds it funny anyway.


2 thoughts on “Baby-talk About Trinity

  1. Screamer says:

    I kind of hope that our being in Heaven starts off with a good few years of getting to see everyone we knew on Earth and catch up, talk to a few celebrities (Abraham, Moses), etc., followed by a few thousand years of great Q&A with God where He lays it all down for us – shows us in holographic 3D how the world began, and slowly goes through our history with the “director’s” commentary.

  2. Screamer says:

    Oh, and of course, the songs we sing at church would sound like cats fighting compared to the glorious songs we’ll be singing in Heaven. Will there be angels on drums or will all the singing be choir-like?

    I kind of picture that all of us would be in heaven singing Revelation 5:13 – millions of angels and millions of people all glorifying God at once. Man, I look forward to getting answers to many, many questions and I look forward to this kind of worship.

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