Throw a brick at this theological college

I work at George Whitefield College at the tip of Cape Town, South Africa, and we are busy raising funds for a building project. It is called the Hope Motlhope Centre, named after one of our star students who drowned trying to save someone in distress. The building will provide much needed room for our teaching and residence facilities to grow.

The trouble with these sorts of projects—in my opinion anyway—is that most of us are of thin budget, and who can afford to bank-roll a building? I’m pleased, therefore, that our wise staff have set up a facility by which you can purchase your very own brick in the new building for a mere ten bucks ($1 US, give or take). Most of us have a loose tenner for which we can part for a good cause, so if you have any good-will feelings towards our work, consider throwing a a brick our way.

Buy one here (it is a reasonably painless process):

Not sure if US donors can use that facility; if not, here’s one for general donations: