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To those who follow this blog, thank you very much for your interactions over the years. My posts here have been sporadic at best, largely because I have been writing books and completing my PhD. I would like to tell you about the new phase of mission that I am undertaking, and ask you to give a little financial support to it by becoming a patron of my work.

I have taken up a self-funded post at the UCT Student YMCA. Although the Student YMCA has been doing Christian ministry among students for almost 75 years at UCT, in 2020 I have joined the team to spearhead our transition into a Christian Study Centre. There are a host of these organisations in the United States (see here) and a friend, Dr. James Krohn runs one in Stellenbosch. Our mission addresses the pervasive problem of Christianity that occupies only a part of life—a shrinking part that has little or no impact on other areas of life. My work entails the development of a curriculum of courses in basic biblical studies and in topics to do with faith-life integration, as well as arranging public lectures and conferences, and mentoring students. Our goal is to create an attractive, loving community in which the gospel is taught and lived out on an otherwise secular campus, and in which students can be trained to live out the gospel impactfully in the different vocations and communities around the world to which they’ll go after their studies. We want to see God’s Kingdom expanding and His people becoming active in living out the image of Christ in their whole lives.

The Student YMCA is a non-denominational missionary institution, which means that we serve a very diverse community, but it also means that we cannot rely on a base of supporting churches. As a result, we rely on the generous gifts of Christians who can see beyond the immediate needs of their own circles and who have a heart for the next generation of leaders and funders of ministry around the Christian world. Times being what they are, it is necessary for us as missionaries to diversify our support channels, meaning that I am approaching churches and friends for partnerships, I am seeking part-time work, and I am using channels such as Patreon.

As such, I will no longer be posting on Longwind. I am moving my writing to Patreon and increasing my monthly writing activity. Supporters will have the opportunity to ask questions and suggest posts, but ultimately it is an avenue by which you can help support good work on campus. Support tiers start at as little as $3 monthly.

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