Nando’s Adds Some Flava

Free speech and Julius Malema are hot topics at the moment, certainly on Longwind, and they have converged nicely in the recent Nando’s ad, which until recently featured a puppet called Julius. The mildly amusing ad lampooned the call for change that is current electioneering favourite, with Julius claiming that if you buy your chicken with a hundred, you get more change than you paid in the first place. Continue reading


Some Prize Engrish

An online games-for-girls site seems to have confused the product of wedding-cake baking with the product of the act of marriage. Nice one.

Engrish: cake embryo?

Engrish: cake embryo?

SA Voters’ Guide Critique #7: Homosexual Marriage

We continue our critique of the Christian Action document Biblical principles for Using Your Vote on The author’s seventh point has undergone a recent change, and its form at time of writing reflects a bit of both. It previously was called ‘Opposes Homosexual Agenda’ (as it still says in the list of relevant scripture verses on the page), whereas it now reads, ‘Opposes Homosexual Marriage / Civil Unions’. Continue reading