Better than being special

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Hutaree: Ignorance Once Again Fails to be Bliss

“Preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive” –

We all have our crazy opinions about things. I find Beyonce Knowles’ dancing so bizarre that it would seem no stranger to me if she sprouted a third arm from her forehead. Most of the rest of you seem to like it. For that reason, I think my distaste for her seisures dancing is mostly my problem. If someone (even charismatic and crazy, say, Tom Cruise) decided one morning that an arboreal lifestyle is the only moral one, I would not expect that anyone would take to the trees without first pausing to consider why it is that virtually every human being in recorded history has lived on terra firma. And yet, in a chillingly real way, this is exactly the kind of thing that has happened yet again in the States with the ‘Hutaree‘ cult. Continue reading