Our Own Worst Enemies

Due to growing pressure, Christian evangelism has been banned along with all other kinds of religious discussion on a leading forum website. The site is called mybroadband.co.za, and it attracts some of the heaviest traffic of any local forum site, providing countless opportunities for gospel witness, but sadly now that has been shut down. And who is responsible for us suffering such a setback to the Great Commission and Christian freedomĀ in general? You guessed it; Christians. That’s right, not the atheists, not people of other religions who are sick of being called to submit to Christ; Christians. Continue reading


Christianity deeper in the hole over UCT blasphemy

The recent UCT Sax Appeal gave Christians a gilt-edged opportunity to demonstrate the gospel in action. With Islamic militants rioting and threatening death over some Danish cartoons not so long ago, the tendency of the religious to over-reaction and intoleranceĀ is all too fresh in the global memory. We had the chance to show the world that Christianity is different. Not only did we fail, but we’re making it worse. Continue reading