Why is the Right so Wrong?

An atheist friend of mine, Jacques Rousseau, wrote a blog about an error twice perpetrated by Frontline Fellowship here in South Africa, blaming the UCT atheist community for a flopped debate meeting from which they had pulled out. I wrote about this event before (helping myself to his blog title, I notice now). You can read about it here and minced up within this post. Frontline, to their credit, have since apologised for their mistake; they were misinformed about the reasons for the failure of the event.

Some poor soul read Jacques’ post and felt the need to come to the defence of Frontline Fellowship, presumably unaware that they had already admitted the fault. The manner of this commentator’s response would be startling, if it weren’t for the fact that LongWind now has multiple examples of ‘Christian’ behaviour of this sort, which starts to make it seem normal. I’m certain that this is the impression gained by the atheists who are so often on the receiving end of such offensives.

Jacques’ blog post (and the relevant comment) can be read on: http://synapses.co.za/frontline-fellowship-lying-for-jesus/comment-page-1/#comment-244

For your viewing pleasure, and presumably without need of me pointing out the numerous desperate failures represented by these lines, here is the ‘Christian’ response:

by McKenzie McGregor
Wow – you guys make me proud – dissing good white people with good causes (even though you might hate Jesus and His cause) while the ungodly ruin this country, rape, murder, tortue etc. Well done guys! Your Master (Satan) must be proud! Guess who will “save” you when the time comes – and guess who will put a machete in your head – you stupid liberals – get your head out of your backsides and wake up and smell the coffee!! Idiots!

Where do people get this stuff? Is there a Christian bookstore that sells titles like, ‘7 Steps to a More Intolerant You’, or ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Threatening your Mission Field with Grievous Bodily Harm’?

I can only hope that this comment is the result of a prank. It’ll help me sleep better tonight.